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Advertising Rates:

Location Size Rate

Clock (Corners)


Four Corners

One Panel

$500 each


Wall Sign 48" x 96" $850
Rink Board 34" X 96" $1000/1 year or $2500/3 years
Back-lit Wall Sign 48" X 96" $2000
Player's Bench 316.5" x 28"

264.5" x 23"
Ice Logo (sold in pairs) 72" x 192" $3000 (set of two)
Zamboni One side/Top $2500/Side or Top $2000


  1. Rates include design, production and installation. They do not include tax. 
  2. Ads must be in line with Emera Centre Northside Advertising Guidelines; ads will be reviewed by the General Manager prior to production and submitted to the client for approval. 
  3. Any artwork and/or logos can be submitted by email to

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